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My most involved arrangement showcases what I currently have to offer in terms of compositional ability. The Dark Side of Classical Music best represents me as a composer; listen to it below. 


Combine some of the darkest, most powerful pieces in classical literature into one arrangement and you get The Dark Side of Classical Music. This drumline show is written for 22+ players and features an array of challenging and exciting moments that are sure to captivate listeners; it is a modern take on the staples of the classical world.

Instrumentation: Marimba (4), Vibraphone (4), Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Timpani, Piano, Auxiliary Percussion (2), Snareline, Tenorline, Bassline (5) – (22+ Players)

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If you would like to purchase this work for your own use, be sure to visit the Contact page to let me know about having this show fitted to your specific needs.