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Why would I need an account for your website? 
Good question. Accounts help me to keep track of customer contact information so that – if a situation arises in which I must contact you – I can do. Also, on your side of things, creating an account saves the information that you input so that you only have to enter information once if you plan on returning.

Is your website secure? 
Absolutely! Any website that begins with https:// is safe and secure; your information will be protected.

When does the Free Downloads page get updated?
The Free Downloads page will normally be updated before the sheet music post on my Instagram goes live. The website should be updated within 24 hours of the post. 


Where do I go if I want to commission you? 
First of all, thank you! Secondly, there are two ways you can contact me: you can visit the Contact page and send me your information from there, or you can email me at You can send me information anytime of the week, and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

What commission requests are you open to? 
In general: drumline shows, battery solos, keyboard solos, and percussion ensembles. I specialize mainly in these areas as of now; however, I am always open to try something new. I recently completed a commission for a high school play, and that piece was mostly electronic sounds and synthetic instruments. Get in touch and we can figure out all of the details.


What all comes in my order? 
Your order will contain the product you ordered, a customized thank-you note from myself, and two business cards - one for you and one for a friend!

When does my order arrive? 
Since I run this all by myself, please allow me 2-4 days to process your order and send it off to you; shipping should take 3-5 business days. I will provide a tracking number once the order is ready to ship.

Can I share a video of myself playing your music? 
Please do! There are many ways you can send a video to me. You can send it to me through Instagram, YouTube, emailing me, or visiting the Contact page. I would love to put it up on my website to share with others.